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Harmonization & Repair

I have the joy of having welcomed into my life, with a completely personal and intuitive touch, the Art of Sound transmitted by Joyah Castañeda-Stajic.

Alchemy Crystal Bowls are instruments of transformation and healing. Thanks to their high-frequency sound vibrations, they can remind the body how to reorganize itself at the molecular level and regain balance, harmony, and fluidity.

The session takes place in groups or individually, with people lying on the floor with a blanket and pillow, and receiving the sound massage from the bowls.

A sound bath is a deeply relaxing practice that allows the brain to generate the same waves we produce just before sleep or during meditation.

To experience one-on-one treatment, don't hesitate to contact me directly to schedule a private session.


If you want to participate in a collective sound bath, check out the events and reserve your place.

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