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April 12, 2024



April - June 2024



Dear Yogis,


As spring spreads its colors and nature awakens,

we are moving forward together into this second quarter under the banner of Awakening the Senses.

Inspired by Galileo, who reminded us that

‘You cannot teach a being anything; you can only help it to find it within itself’, our journey continues from freedom to self-discovery and self-healing,

celebrating the rebirth and renewal that this season brings. 
This second quarter of the year is a promise of growth, discovery, and healing. Each event, each workshop, is a step towards greater self-understanding

and a life full of fluidity and joy.


For more information and to register, visit our events page. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing these magical moments.


Let's prepare for summer together and celebrate life on our yoga mats.

We look forward to seeing you again.

Happy Easter and thank you for your trust.


Alessandra, Poetic Yoga 



This quarter's offers:


Chakra Yoga & Sound workshops
We're particularly excited to introduce our series of Chakra Yoga & Sound Workshops, a unique opportunity to realign your vital energy. In collaboration with Laurence Juthy, these sessions will be held on Sunday mornings 28 April, 26 May and 16 June at Liquid Sound Space in Lausanne (rue Centrale 10, 6th floor). These workshops are an invitation to explore the first three chakras (root, sacral, solar), through yoga and the enveloping sound of alchemical crystal bowls,

for a journey of deep bodily sensations and a reconnection with oneself.

Why sign up?
Taking part in these workshops is an open door to greater awareness and renewed harmony. It's an invitation to listen and feel deeply the energy centres that govern our well-being.

Yoga Discovery, Yin & Yin Yang
Yoga Discovery continues every Tuesday at 8.15pm at the Foyer des Pâquis in St-Sulpice, a session for anyone wishing to join our community.


Online Yin Yoga & Sound Bath offers a space for tranquillity and reflection on Sunday 21 April at 10am, Thursday 16 May and Thursday 13 June at 7pm via Zoom,

with the option of following the classes at your own pace from home. 


Yin Yang Yoga Hips of Honey continues for a small semi-private group, in the home studio at Rue du Centre 21 in St-Sulpice, on the Wednesdays shown in the diary at 6.15pm, for a maximum of 5-6 people.


Crystal Sound Bath and Yoga Nidra
Our signature offer, the Crystal Sound Bath, returns on 2 May and 20 June at 7pm, the latter in celebration of the summer solstice. Yoga Nidra and Crystal Bowls with Laurence Juthy, on 23 May at 7pm, promises an inner journey guided by the voice and vibrations of the Alchimie Crystal Bowls.

Both experiences are hosted by

Au Centre de Soi in Préverenges.



November 13, 2023

Under the new moon, a symbol of beginning and transformation, I joyfully announce 'New Night Moon',

my first live recording of 7 minutes, now available on Soundcloud.

A journey through the vibrations of unique and beautiful Alchemy Crystal Bowls such as: Selenite Pink Aura Gold which resonates with the energy of Mary Magdalene; Palladium Ocean Gold, the Guardian, the essence of Dauphin; Abalone who carries the memory of Water; Violet Aura Gold, Wisdom; Divine Sacred Geometry; Grandmother; Pink Himalayan Salt; Morganite Platinum and Apophyllite Green Heart.

A gentle caress, created to harmonize the 7 chakras in 7 minutes. Each sound embraces love, gentleness and sacredness, celebrating the cycle of transformation and the principle of eternal dualism of Yin and Yang.

To listen to the song, go to the Music page.

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