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The Whole and the One

At the heart of our space dedicated to relaxation and well-being,

we offer personalized sessions of

Tailor-made yoga and sound baths in Crystal Alchemy bowls.

Offered individually or as a couple, these sessions

are designed to help you reconnect

deeply with yourself.

These moments are opportunities to let go of what no longer serves you, to flourish as a human being, an integral part of the whole and at the same time unique.

For more information and to make an appointment,

contact me directly.

Image de Katherine Hanlon
Image de Alexander Grey

Benefits of Bowls
Crystal Alchemy

Alchemy crystal bowls offer many benefits,

here are some:

​Stress reduction

Soothing, purification and harmonization of emotions and feelings

Removal of blockages and toxins

Increased flow of vital energy, creativity, intuition and motivation

Helps face life's challenges

Connecting with your higher self

Image de Katherine Hanlon

Tailor-made support

Through my practices, I accompany you with kindness and confidentiality in a process of awareness, helping you to welcome

and to harmonize with the changes of life.

Sessions, both in person and online, encourage personal development and evolution, facilitating a space where you can not only find yourself but also discover new facets of your being, thereby embracing the duality of being part of the whole,

while being distinct.

They offer you the opportunity to grow

and to truly be yourself.

Image de Katherine Hanlon
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