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Young woman practicing in a yoga studio. Shavasana or body pose is the end of a class or

with Laurence Juthy

Yoga Nidra is also called lucid sleep yoga since in Sanskrit

“nidrâ” means “sleep”, deep sleep, without dreams.


Yoga Nidra is often practiced by people who want to improve their quality of sleep. The goal is to remain conscious and above all still to promote concentration. During the exercise, the mind gradually sinks into a state of semi-awakeness.

Yoga Nidra invites you to deep relaxation of your body and mind by putting you in contact with the layers of your unconscious which allow you to access your inner wisdom and your self-healing abilities.


The practice of Nidra as well as the soothing sound waves that emanate from the bowls immediately put the brain in Alpha state. The sound waves from the bowls produce a calming effect that immediately puts the brain into an alpha state. This action shakes up old patterns, allowing realignment and a new frequency, and helps us access altered states of consciousness more easily.

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