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Winter Solstice: my Yoga ritual and my new Title

The Winter Solstice

Friday December 22, 2023, 4:27 AM - CET

In Winter, Nature rests and slows down. In Yoga this season is linked to a period of Inner Wisdom. It's time to recharge our batteries, in hibernation mode. Everything happens inside, deep down.

In the fall, the sap of the trees came down, the roots grew, sinking into the earth, the leaves fell. This is the downward energy. In winter, nothing happens, the tree draws on its reserves, Immobility, Silence, Stagnant Energy.

Then the exploration of our inner domains can begin. Like Nature, our organism is more vulnerable, more stripped down. This period invites us to stay at home, with our loved ones and slow down our social life and dose our activities.

Agni, our digestive fire breaks down. Toxins can more easily build up, leading to colds and slower digestion. But also, winter awakens joint pain, confusion, we can feel depressed and isolated. With all its share of negative emotions. Let's channel the Kapha Dosha!

In my practice of Yoga in Winter I therefore go towards rejuvenating, introspective sessions, with a touch of Yang to boost the immune system and our circulation.

The pranayamas (breaths) are also intended to be warming and powerful, series of kapalabhati, bhastrika, and we come to rebalance with a nadi sodana (alternate breathing). The asanas (postures) are focused on opening the heart and the rib cage, with a focus on Anahata Chakra, heart chakra. We stimulate the thymus, the endocrine gland guardian of our immune system. But also the spleen, to fight against infections. Sun Salutations, Warriors, Vakrasana, Natarajasana, Ustrasana, Matsyasana, Matsyendrasana, Sirsasana.

We favor back bends, inversions (heart above the head, twists and twists, etc.), but also the practices of YIN YOGA, Yoga Nidra and meditation. I direct my Yin Yoga classes, toning and invigorating the lung and heart meridians. Postures held for a long time, in immobility. A time for introspection and acceptance. Of love.

This period offers us a time of profound transformation. The seasons teach us impermanence, movement, change. We are an element of Nature, we fluctuate through these seasonalities.

So why don't we change our way of living, our habits, our diet, our needs? It is necessary to slow down, as Mother Nature teaches us. Shh!!! Listen, listen to your heart beating, listen to the voice of the soul, look at your Inner Light.

My Winter Solstice Ritual

I suggest that, during a time of inner listening at the start of the course, you think about a habit or old patterns that you want to get rid of. Something you no longer want to pursue or maintain. And write it down on a little colored paper.

This message must be burned, Fire element and the ashes of the paper buried before the Winter Solstice on December 22.

Then, I invite you to write on white paper, a Sankalpa, a wish. A short, clear and positive sentence. An intention that you wish for yourself, something that you want to see grow in you, a quality for example!

“I am at Peace”, “My health is perfect”, “Abundance comes to me”

This white paper must be worn in the Water element, the sea, a lake, a river... after December 22! Water is a carrier, and accompanies all forms of creation with kindness.

Also, for this 2023 solstice, I suggest you immerse yourself in the sound of my alchemy crystal bowls. My latest track 'En Douceur' will be available on December 22 on the SoundCloud platform and on my site on the Music page, and can be downloaded for free. 'Douceur' is a gift, from heart to heart, a tribute to the gentle power of the winter season.

And let the magic of the Universe work... Have confidence...

This is an opportunity to align with your own Light and your true intentions...

Happy Solstice everyone.

Blessings and Love.

Namaste, Alessandra

Photo: my wonderful winter set: 10" G#-25 Apophyllite, Green Heart Aura Gold, 12" D#+35 Palladium, ocean gold (inside) and 8" D# +5 Violet Aura Gold Alchemy.

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