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The magic of fasting: From detox to metamorphosis

“Immobile in its chitin coffin, a very fat and sated larva fasts for six months. She is as if dead until the spring sun comes to crack her cocoon. A creature then emerges which unbinds itself, unfolds and flies away, a butterfly which is none other than the symbolic representation of the soul. »

O. Buchinger

I just finished my second fast. The experience is simply extraordinary. This is why I decided to dedicate an article on my blog to this real therapy of body and mind. Good reading !

Major benefits of fasting

Fasting is a very effective practice for reducing the accumulation of toxins in our body. This toxemia is due to our lifestyle: too rich a diet, too high in protein, tobacco, coffee, pesticides, dyes, flavor enhancers... This is what we call exogenous toxemia.

But there is also endogenous toxemia which is part of the normal functioning of living beings. Each cell, in carrying out its activities, generates waste. Stress and intensive physical activity are two factors that can significantly increase the production of endogenous toxins. An organism in good condition eliminates them naturally. Conversely, a sick and/or stressed and/or tired body no longer has enough vitality to eliminate as many toxins as it produces, which then results in a phenomenon of self-intoxication.

During a fast, the digestive system is at rest: the body will take advantage of this released energy to eliminate toxins through the work of the emunctories (liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin). The body will draw its own food from its reserves of damaged tissues, this is AUTOLYSIS.

The result is a profound cellular regeneration, a true revitalization both on a physical and psychological level.

My personal experience

If detoxification of the body is one of the major benefits of fasting, the inner transformation that I experienced goes well beyond simple physical purification. Just like the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, my fasting brought about an inner metamorphosis. I feel stronger today, with increased lucidity that allows me to see life with renewed clarity.

This experience was a true reset for me, aligning me more deeply with my true essence and aspirations. During my first fast in the spring, I was able to see clearly who I was, feeling a deep love for myself for the first time. And now, in the fall, at the end of my second fast, I have been able to affirm with conviction who I truly am and what I desire for myself and for the direction of my life.

During the fast that I followed, each day was full: walks in nature of 2 to 3 hours, yoga sessions and cardiac coherence, creative workshops and conferences on diet and health... I offered myself a sound bath with my alchemical crystal bowls. The experience concluded in a memorable way: on the 7th and last day, we gradually resumed eating. The table was decorated in the colors of the season, in this case, fall, and a chef prepared a divine dinner for us.

Embark on the adventure

To you who are reading these words and who may be considering embarking on this adventure of fasting, I would like to send you a message of encouragement. Yes, the path you take will not be free of obstacles, but remember that it is often through challenges that we grow the most. And I can assure you that this experience, despite its moments of doubt or difficulty, will be magical and unique. It will offer you a new perspective on yourself, your inner strength and the world around you.

So, if your heart pushes you, embark on this quest for yourself and discover the hidden treasures that lie dormant within you. Enjoy your journey through this inner metamorphosis!

A fascinating documentary

I recommend a fascinating documentary broadcast by ARTE entitled “Fasting, a new therapy?”. The Buchinger Method in Germany, which I personally experienced, is highlighted there. Their holistic approach combines fasting, relaxation, exercises and medical supervision. For those who are interested in exploring this path, I would like to recommend the kind support of Martine Willot. You can find more information about his approach at

My deep gratitude

To Martine and Robert, my magnificent guides who accompanied me with wisdom and kindness throughout this adventure. To the workshop facilitators and all the participants with whom I shared this journey: every day you taught me something, providing invaluable lessons and exchanges.

Thank you from the heart.

“Each of us can work miracles, each of us can achieve our goals if we know how to think, to wait, to fast. »
Hermann Hesse

Photo: Chantal, Christelle, Thérèse

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