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Masaru Emoto's water discoveries

On the occasion of the next sound bath on October 9, 2022, we are republishing the article on the effects of sound on the shape of water.Dr. Emoto, written by Grégory Dahan

Masaru Emoto , doctor of alternative medicine, carried out studies on the mysteries of water after discovering the MRA ( Magnetic Resonance Analyzer ) and micro-cluster water in the United States.

He therefore studied the different types of water, that of the human body, that of everyday use and that present on Earth.

Our body is made up mainly of water, around 70% in adulthood. It is interesting to note that the percentage of water on Earth in relation to land surface is identical. Masaru Emoto thinks that this correlation is far from trivial and begins a series of work on water crystals with success which has earned him worldwide fame.

Photos of water crystals

He will therefore photograph water in its crystalline form, water that he samples all over the world, whether it is wastewater or pure water. Then, he will carry out a systematic analysis of these crystals.

This process is carried out by placing drops of water in Petri dishes. They are frozen at -25°C, which transforms the drops into crystals which are then photographed under a microscope. He will discover that the cleaner and healthier the water is, the clearer and more harmonious the crystals are, the dirtier and more contaminated the water is, the more the crystals will be asymmetrical and without real shapes.

During his research and analysis of these crystals , he discovered that the crystals were different depending on whether the water was exposed to either positive or negative vibrations . He exposed the water to different music, going from classical to metal by placing the distilled water in a bottle between two speakers playing the music then freezing and photographing them.

He then exposed the water to different words that he wrote on a paper. By sticking this paper on a glass bottle, he noticed that when the water was exposed to the word 'beautiful', the crystals were sometimes perfectly balanced, and that when the water was exposed to the word 'ugly' the crystals are asymmetrical and incomplete.

Masaru therefore provides, through his research, proof that water retains information and therefore has a memory . It also proves that water responds not only to vibrations and sounds, but also to words and images conveying emotions, and to the intentions and emotions expressed by our thoughts.

It is from these experiences and these facts that Masaru Emoto wrote his book entitled '' The Miracle of Water '', in which he raises awareness about the power and influence of words.

The miracle of water

What he also discovered during his research is that our thoughts influence water to the point that polluted water whose photograph shows an unstructured and chaotic crystal can become a magnificent crystal when confronted with positive thoughts. He demonstrates this scientifically during his experiment where polluted water was transformed into a harmonious crystal after being exposed to the prayers of a Buddhist monk. These experiments are reproducible and therefore constitute scientific proof.

Based on these facts, we can easily wonder about human beings. Made up of 70% water, words and thoughts could therefore also physically modify our state. The same goes for the water found on Earth: Masaru Emoto carried out an experiment in 1997. He asked 500 people to send positive thoughts from various places in Japan towards a bottle filled with tap water on Masaru's desk.

These people were asked to think, " The water is now purified. Thank you ." The result is surprising. The photograph taken of the water after this ' thought purification ' shows a magnificent crystal.

Benveniste and Montagnier

Other scientists have also studied this phenomenon of ' water memory '. This is the case of Doctor Benveniste who during his experiments discovered that hypersensitive systems reacted when the aqueous solution was so diluted that no active product remained.

The water would therefore have succeeded in retaining in memory the basic molecules that it had initially encountered. He also demonstrated that information was communicated between molecules by an electromagnetic field at a certain frequency. He recorded the molecular signal and managed to transmit it and diffuse it in the water, which caused biological reactions identical to those which would have taken place if the molecules were physically present.

Professor Montagnier was also interested in this memory of water. Based on the studies carried out by Benveniste , carried out a remote DNA transfer by email: he put a DNA fragment of the AIDS virus in filtered and diluted water in a tube among other tubes submitted to an electromagnetic wave sensor. The signal is sent by email to another biologist in Italy. The resulting result is that the DNA reproduces but in addition this reproduced DNA is 98% identical to the basic DNA. This is called transduction .

A controversial subject

Many chemists dispute these experiments and the fact that water has a memory . However, these facts are purely physical facts (electromagnetic waves) and not chemical facts. Many scientists accuse him of not respecting protocols and thus influencing the results of his experiments, his work having no scientific value because no article has been published on this subject in a scientific journal.

Also, the lack of a photo panel could distort the results by choosing to show a certain photo rather than another, this may seem suspicious and does not allow us to verify the veracity of what Masaru Emoto is saying. It would therefore be necessary to offer a panel of numerous photographs so that the result shown is more objective.

The Alladin Carafe and the Lagoena bottle

In the Aladin Carafe and the Lagoena bottle made of lead-free glass in Switzerland whose shapes have been calculated according to the golden ratio and sacred geometry. The liquids change structure and are revitalized according to Masaru Emoto's process. This is validated by a study on the water crystals before and after passing through the carafe or bottle.

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