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Have you ever Loved someone a thousand Times?

Updated: May 6

Did you ever feel the loneliness inside for not being able to express this love?

For failing to communicate it, losing the ability to give and receive. Did you ever feel like a block in you? Almost be afraid of it.

Maybe we are all alone inside, but we are made to love and find ourselves in the other and die in the other and be reborn in the other.

Today is a gloomy day, I feel like writing these lines, from the heart, here and now, expressing the love, the joy, the sadness, and the truth of my imperfection.

For all that I was unable to say or do, even when I knew it was wrong to remain in the silence of the ego.

The people we love need to know it. As well as we need to know that we are loved and recognized. Happiness is not always a question of "self-love", it is also a question of "feel loved by someone". Someone who takes care of us, who takes our hand, who smiles at us, and who reminds us, when we are lost, that we are loved, that we count.

I want to practice my Yin Yoga tonight, just a few days before the New Moon, with this feeling of sharing, towards the other, the half apple, the best friend, the beloved child, the missing parent, or the one still alive.

In recent months I have had many difficulties in concentration, motivation, expression. And I still have it in me. Even if I have only reasons to be happy and fulfilled. So that, today, I got up and decided to start over.

On this rainy today, I wish to rediscover love, fertility, openness, trust.

I am, I exist, I live, I love.

I believe in YES.

Let us offer ourselves today this feeling of love and trust, that everything will be fine because we deserve it. May all have the right to get lost. May all find ourselves again.

It does not matter if we have not been at our best, in a project or a Yoga posture. Or if a friend leaves us or a situation disappoints us, or even if everyone else seems better to us, more realized, happier.

We are all in the same boat. And what counts is to be reborn every day.

Good day everyone.


* Namaste (Namas + te) is derived from Sanskrit and is a combination of the word namas and the second person dative pronoun in its enclitic form, te.[9] The word namaḥ takes the sandhi form namas before the sound te. However, this word is implicitly associated with a spiritual value, so it can perhaps be translated more completely as a greeting (I bow to) the divine qualities that are in you. Combined with the gesture of joining hands and bowing the head, it could be rendered with: the divine qualities that are in me bow to the divine qualities that are in you, or even, less synthetically, I unite my body and mind, focusing on my divine potential, and I bow to the same potential that is in you. In essence, therefore, the ultimate meaning of the greeting is to recognize the sacredness of both those who offer the greeting and those who receive it.

Playlist: Poetic Yoga Yin Love

Dedicated to Alessio and to my first man, my father.

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