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Revitalize and Awaken Energy

Circular conscious breathing is a powerful method used to revitalize and awaken energy

physical, mental and emotional blockage that builds up over time.

It is deeply healing and activates a process of purification of negative emotions,

limiting thoughts and tensions resulting from events in our past.

As a result, we can open ourselves to living with greater vitality, clarity, creativity, enthusiasm and confidence. Breathing done in a conscious, circular way can help us return it to its natural function, which is to integrate our human experience into pure awareness.

The technique itself is simple, as its name suggests:

Circular - without pause between inhalation and exhalation, and between exhalation and inhalation

Breathing - the action itself

In addition to being an instrument of purification, Circular Breathing is also an intense practice

of awareness through attention, helping us to be more present and aware in our lives.

Breathing is life

Breathing is potential

Breathing is energy

Breathing is renewal

The date of the next workshop is planned for fall 2023 and will be announced soon!

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